Cruise yes or no? Everything you need to know!

A lot of people usually ask me the reason why someone has to choose a travel on a cruise, especially when someone is young.

First of all I want to point out that a cruise it’s not just a family vacation, but it can be enjoyed by every ages, this type of vacation it’s suitable for everyone (singles, couples and groups).

But why has someone to choose it? Here we can see some of the reasons:

  • it’s possible to see more than one place at a time
  • there are a lot of comforts
  • meals are all-inclusive and tasties
  • it’s not possible to annoying yourselves! There’s always something to do: excursions at new places and a lot of activities on board

Obviously this type of vacation it’s not good for every type of people, there are any disadvantages too, for example:

  • the time for visite a new place is limited
  • it’s not possibile to have the same freedom respect of other vacations
  • everything on board needs a payment (water included, that’s not possible to bring from the outside) and a lot of things are very expensive

So if you reed all the advantages and disadvantages and despite this you decided to book a cruise and live this experience for the first time…welcome on board! 

The first thing to do it’s choose the cruise company, if you’re in Italy you can choose between MSC or Costa Crociere that are the best, especially for the delicious cuisine!

Therefore about the destination choice I suggest you to book a 7 days trip if it’s the first time on a  ship (if you don’t like to stay on it 7 days imagine 14 days!)

So you just have to take a catalogue and book the cruise!

It’s this the end? I don’t think so…it’s just the beginning of this adventure!

We still have so much to talk about…for example: What it’s necessary to bring in the luggage? When it’s better to book the excursions? What do you have to do on a cruise to live an unforgettable experience? I have a lot of suggestions about the activities on board…don’t lose my next articles! 

Soon on @acruiseaddicted 


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